About Us

PT Bram Bintang Timur provides quality and licensed alcoholic beverages in the city of Timika. Starting our journey from Jalan Cendrawasih, BBT has been known by the name of one of its retail outlets: Toko Dingin 66.

About Us

Inspired by Local Culture

The establishment of Bram Bintang Timur was initiated after seeing the drinking culture in Timika. Recognizing the need for safe alcohol consumption in the district, BBT aims to increase public awareness of its importance through supplying licensed alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the company continues to provide quality and trustworthy liquor for the people of Timika.

Value of

Local Wisdom

Bram Bintang Timur is based and established for the locals in the Mimika Regency. Through its products and services, the company ensures safe alcohol consumption and provides enjoyment for the people of Timika.

Bringing Joy From

Across the Globe

The company strives to be a modern and progressive liquor distributor by supplying licensed alcoholic beverages from across the globe.


Licensed Distributor

Partnering with licensed alongside official liquor producers, Bram Bintang Timur serves trustworthy products and operates according to the law.